Have a great summer! 


Lynx Days. What is the best way to prepare your student for an awesome 2017-18 school year?  Lynx Days!  This year’s Lynx Days will be August 22nd & 23rd.  These days are set aside every August to provide your student with all the information and tools to make their school year a success.  Think student ID, schedule, PE clothes, books, locker and much more!  Please mark the dates on your calendar and consider volunteering here to make sure every student starts the school year off right! 

Parent education. The PTSA is seeking a chair for Parent Education for next year.  Responsibilities include lining up guest speakers for the general meetings, communicating who the speakers will be and introducing them at meetings. Feel free to find interesting new speakers or re-invite some of the previous favorites.  If you are interested, please let Alisa know.

Bus help. When school starts in the fall, we need a few parents to help the new students find their correct bus.  Super easy job that only takes about ½ hour the first few days of school.  If you can help with this, please let Alisa know!  Thank you!