PTSA Awards

Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator and Outstanding Advocate

The Pacific Cascade PTSA annually recognizes volunteers and educators who go above and beyond for the benefit of students through the Golden Acorn, Outstanding Educator, and Outstanding Advocate awards for the previous calendar year. 

Our PTSA gives Golden Acorn Awards to people who have given exemplary volunteer service to children and youth in our school and community. The Golden Acorn Award is very special and is given for continued and dedicated service.

The Outstanding Educator Award was created by the PTSA to recognize individuals who have provided outstanding educational opportunities for children and youth that are beyond the normal scope of their jobs. An educator can be, but is not limited to being a teacher, and can include specialists, support staff, administrators or community members.

The Outstanding Advocate Award honors an individual for a demonstrated commitment to helping create strong policies relating to the health, welfare, safety, and education of children. Volunteers who speak up for students, or who try to change things for the benefit of children are considered advocates. Nominees for this award could be a general or specialist teacher, an assistant, administrator, other school or district staff or a community member.


Pacific Cascade Middle School Award Recipients 

Golden Acorn

2019 Lisa Small
2018 Jenny Juang & Josi Beck
2017 Nicole Garcia
2016 Pauline Yourechuck, Jen Davis
2015 Kim Foster, Jenell Tamaela
2014 Jessica Burles, Lisa McGowan
2013 Kim Foster, Julie Siefkes and Kristen Behn
2012 Tami Curtis
2011 Stacy Heller, Donna McCleod, Audrey Winslow 

Outstanding Advocate

2018 Laura Meserole & Carolyn Kennedy
2017 Lisa Callan
2016 Lida Buckner
2015 Dana Bailey
2014 Leslie Warrick
2013 Terry Ostendorf
2012 Dana Bailey, Jody Mull

Outstanding Educator

2019 Craig McGhee, Julie Wolsford, Rhonda Williams
2018 Erin Kwok, Shona Campbell
2017 John Lin
2016 David Black, Amy Butson, Heidi Fielden and Kelli Jaeger
2015 Brian Alfertig, Sonja Petersen, Teresa Cowan, Michele Van More
2014 Stan Kasemeier, Mike Fleming, Monique Beane
2013 Lenore Hankey and Kathryn Coffin
2012 Terry Shade
2011 Dana Bailey, Caroline Friesen

Honorary Lifetime Ward

2018 Nicole Garcia