Nomination Committee Report


April 21, 2020

PCMS PTSA's Mission: Make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children, through collective collaboration, commitment, diversity, respect, and accountability.

The 2019-20  Pacific Cascade PTSA Nomination Committee hereby places the following names in nomination for the 2020-21 PCMS PTSA Board of Directors, elected at the next General Membership Meeting, June 4th, 2020:


For the Office of Co-President: Lisa Deily

For the Office of Co-President: Tracie Jones

For the Office of Secretary: Katie Brown

For the Office of Treasurer: Amanda Rench

For the Office of Vice President, Events and Programs: Minal Desai-Monga

For the Office of Vice President, Volunteers: Lisa Small


For the Office of Co-ASB Chair:  Kim Clarke

For the Office of Co-ASB Chair:  Natasha de los Reyes

For the Office of Co-ASB Chair:  Eloisa Tang

For the Office of Communications Chair: Melissa Stefani

For the Office of FACE Chair:  Joana Figueiredo

For the Office of Membership Chair:  Jenny Juang

For the Office of Outreach Co-chair: Tracy Drake

For the Office of Outreach Co-chair:  Becky Foster


Open Offices:

For the Office of Advocacy Chair:  OPEN

For the Office of Communications (Website)  Co-chair:  OPEN

For the Office of Fundraising Chair:  OPEN


The PCMS PTSA Nomination Committee confirmed all nominees have been members of a PTA for at least 15 days prior to election, meeting other requirements as stated in the WSPTA Uniform Bylaws.

Respectfully submitted,


The PCMS PTSA Nomination Committee 
Tracy Drake, Lisa Small, and Eloisa Tang


For questions, more information on any of the above listed positions, please email  


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