WA State PTA Legislative Assembly

Delegates from across Washington State gathered to adopt a brand-new two-year legislative platform and several new permanent advocacy positions, be inspired, receive advocacy training, and network with other passionate PTA members.

Delegates received education on all the proposed legislative issues and resolutions, and engaged in lively, impassioned, but civil discussion and debate. Most notable was the number of student advocates who stepped up to share their stories and  be a part of the process.  Delegates proposed 46 amendments and moved to extend debate 13 times! After adopting 12 new legislative issues, delegates ranked them. It was an inspiring display of democracy in action!


The new 2019-21 WSPTA Legislative Platform:


Top 5 Legislative Priorities

  • Social Emotional Learning
  • School Construction and Simple Majority for Bonds
  • Prevent Gun Violence
  • Strategies to Address the Teacher Shortage
  • Strategic Investments to Close Gaps


Also support issues (listed alphabetically)

  • Best Practices for School Meals – Lunch
  • Best Practices for School Recess
  • Engaging Families in Student Success
  • Fund Paraeducator Training
  • Increase Access to High Quality Preschool
  • Raise the Age of Tobacco and Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems to 21
  • Safe School Plans and Emergency Preparedness


Delegates also adopted two new permanent legislative principles in the category of Health and Well-being of Children and Youth:

The WSPTA shall identify and initiate education and action on public policy that protects and promotes the health and welfare of children and youth. The association shall support:

  • Evidence-based policies that reduce or reverse adverse health effects of indoor or outdoor environmental conditions
  • Reduction or elimination of all forms of violence to ensure safety of students, staff and communities


Several new resolutions also were adopted:

  • Improving Outcomes in Special Education
  • Mitigating the Health Effects of Climate Change
  • Equitable Access to Highly Capable Services
  • Sexual Violence and Harassment Prevention and Survivor Supports
  • The existing resolution on School Nutrition was also amended.
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