PTSA Board of Directors - Job Descriptions
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Executive Committee (Elected Officers):







VP of Events and Programs

  • Attend monthly Board of Directors and General Membership meetings to report status, progress, and changes within current Events and Programs.
  • Maintain Events and Programs notebook to better implement, manage, and improve all PTSA Events and Programs.
  • Establish financial goals, presenting significant financial changes to the BOD and GM for review and approval, as required by Bylaws.
  • Recruit Chairs for specific Events and Programs when vacancy ocurs; working closely with Director of Volunteers, aiding mutual efforts.
  • Host meetings with committee Chairs and sub-committees, as needed.
  • Help build detailed communication plans, ensuring all Chairs are aware of Events and Programs promotional opportunities to bring awareness, interest, and publicity, in timely manner, to upcoming Events and Programs.
  • Ensure updated Events and Programs webpages pages, as information becomes available, and possibly changes.
  • Support National PTA Reflections Chair; Reflections Art Competition Handbook.
  • Support Staff Appreciation Committee during Staff Appreciation celebrations, throughout year.


Directors (Appointed positions)


Director of Advocacy


Director of Communications

  • WA State PTA Communications SOE Duties
  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Work with other BOD and Committees to ensure strategic communication plans.
  • Solicit/create/compile/publish articles for ongoing social medial, e-News, website, and PeachJar, benefitting PCMS, PCMS PTSA membership, and greater community.
  • Maintain website, with Webmaster, ensuring relevant, accurate, updated information.



Director of Fundraising


  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Works to plan, organize, and facilitate fundraising activities as lead.
  • Focuses on raising funds needed to support PCMS PTSA's budget, working with PCMS Treasurer, following all PTA protocols.
  • Requests necessary volunteers, utilizing e-news, social media, PeachJar, email, and GM database.



Director of Membership


Director of Parent Education

  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Work with parent education - ParentWiser representative, from Issaquah PTSA Council, to plan and publicize district-wide Parent Education events. 
  • Procure local speakers to inform educate, and support PCMS PTSA membership during membership meetings.


Director of Student Outreach

  • WA State PTA FACE Handbook
  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Manage program supporting PCMS students and families, struggling and needing extra assistance.
  • Manage student Outreach budget, providing services throughout PCMS.
  • With PCMS Administration, support Angel students, including "wish lists", donation drives, and  holiday programs, emergency resources, back to school supplies, ad more.
  • Communicate directly with PCMS Administration regarding student and community needs.


Director of Volunteers

  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Maintain Volunteers notebook, with complete roster of all standing and special committees, as well as potential volunteers.
  • Develop volunteer interest survey for Back-to-School Registration process, along with communications plan to advertise all volunteer opportunities.
  • Develop and facilitate Chair trainings, with updated checklists and evaluation forms, including detailed supports and contacts.
  • Create and implement year-long volunteer appreciation plan.
  • Request necessary volunteers, utilizing e-news, social media, PeachJar, email, and GM database.
  • Reviewing PCMS PTSA volunteer status, double-checking in-person individuals completed and have been approved through ISD's Online Volunteer Verification process.


ASB/Lynx Life Liaison

  • Attend monthly BOD, GMM, providing updates.
  • Maintain the PTSA/ASB Liaison notebook, passing to the incoming PTSA/ASB Liaison.
  • Schedule trimester meeting with ASB Advisor for updates to better disseminate and publicize information from PCMS ASB Advisor.
  • ASB Liaisons recruit volunteers and donations supporting PCMS ASB-Leadership students.


Issaquah Schools Foundation Ambassador